Environmental Law

Win Your Case With a Competent Environmental Lawyer

Environmental law can be complicated. Suppose you or your business have been contacted by regulators asserting that you are in violation of environmental standards or rules. In that case, it is important to get a competent environmental lawyer to help you quickly and fairly resolve the dispute. With an experienced environmental law attorney by your side, you can confidently resolve any permitting or regulation dispute that plagues you or your business.

Law Office of Shirley Whitsitt
Law Office of Shirley Whitsitt

What I Do

I help clients of all sorts with their environmental questions and legal problems. You can consult with me before you build or improve your processes if you work with coal or natural gas products. I will also stand by your side if you face legal problems due to a regulation violation. With a Masters of Law in Environmental Law (LLM) from George Washington University in D.C., I am especially qualified to assist in these cases.

Who I Help

My legal assistance extends to various individuals and businesses that rely upon chemicals, toxins, or natural resources for their business production. This can be in environmental matters, like natural resources and regulations; Agriculture for soil, fishing, and beyond; or Government environmental protection laws. If you're running into trouble with the EPA Federal Government or Justice Department, I can help.

Law Office of Shirley Whitsitt